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Chapter 1 – New Beginnings

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In this, the pilot episode of The Nightly News at Nine, there is a massive prison break out caused by a soccer game gone horribly awry. One of the escaped convicts is Malifios, a villain intent on destroying New Block City. The NNN team learns more about Malifios’s previous attempts to destroy the city as well as the New Block Citizens reaction to his threat to destroy their city. Meanwhile a war is mounting between the colors Green and Orange.

The initial concept for this series first came to me in Summer 2006. Script development began in Spring 2007. I started filming in February 2009. I put in about 102 hours of animating and countless hours of building, recording, editing and so forth. Used a bunch of new techniques (for me) – masking, blue screening and lip syncing.

1.1 – Out Of Bonds
1.2 – SVELT Commercial
1.3 – SVELT Interview
1.4 – Pro-Green Commercial
1.5 – On the Street with Steve Deepsea
1.6 – Anti-Green Commercial
1.7 – The Orange-Green War Begins
1.X – Deleted Scene – Sherry & Robert


  1. Theodore says:

    This show is rather amusing! I cannot wait for chapter two: Robots! and the appearence of Eye of the Eyes… Please, do more if it is not too much… And do continiue to release on iTunes!

  2. Adam says:

    Just watched the whole episode for a second time and I really love it! My favorite part of the new section (1.7) is when the distraught green monster eats the head of the little orange monster. Keep up the great work, Dave!

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  5. wes says:

    I love LEGOS and NNN is awesome and creative PLEASE MAKE MORE NNN

  6. Bryan says:

    WOW! That was awesome! I can’t wait until episode 2 is finished! ROBOTS!keep up the good work!

  7. Bryan says:

    That was awesome! I can’t wait until episode 2 is finished! ROBOTS!keep up the good work!

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